Endeavor Metals Group includes free shipping to the continental United States and insurance on all orders of at least $500.00, which means even greater savings for you!

Let us explain how…….

While we offer  low premiums and no hidden fees,  we often beat our competitor’s pricing, because the free shipping lowers the price even further. Some of our competitors have extra hidden shipping and insurance costs that make a HUGE difference to your final price per ounce of silver!

For example, if you have to pay $25 to ship your order of 50 ounces, that would add an extra 50 cents an ounce to the premium price.

Not only does Endeavor Metals Group offer White Glove Treatment, fast, safe and discreet shipping with full insurance, truly quality products, and very competitive pricing —  you also get FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

Our FED- EX shipping fees are very reasonable even for shipments under $500.00! 

• $15.00 (USD) for orders of up to $199.99 (USD)

• $10.00 (USD) for orders of $200.00 – $499.99 (USD)

TOTALLY FREE SHIPPING on orders of $500.00 (USD) or greater!