Accumulation Program

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Gold and Silver Accumulation Program

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Many people understand the benefit of diversifying their portfolio by owning precious metals, yet would like to have a simple, cost effective way to acquire their metals. Endeavor Metals Group, LLC. offers a simple and straightforward program that allows you to specify how much you want to spend incrementally to accumulate the investment for your future. With this program, clients acquire precious metals over time rather than in one lump sum.


How do I get started on the Accumulation Program? Complete and submit the Accumulation Program Enrollment Form. Include the following information:

  1. The dollar amount you wish to spend each accumulation period.
  2. How often you wish to schedule your payments: monthly, bimonthly (every other month) or quarterly.
  3. The specific type(s) of precious metal(s) you would like to acquire.
  4. The quantity you would like to acquire.
  5. Review, sign and submit the Account Enrollment Form and Account Agreement.


How does the Accumulation Program work?

  1. Your accumulation account is funded via your credit card, debit card  or wire on the second Wednesday of every month based upon the frequency indicated in the Enrollment Form.
  2. On scheduled acquisition dates, when your account has sufficient funds for a purchase, an acquisition will occur at the current selling price (ask price.)

Example, if $400 a month is contributed toward one-ounce coins and the current ask price is $2,000 an ounce, 20% of the coin will be acquired. If the ask price the following month is $1,800 per ounce, an additional 22 percent of the coin will be acquired.

  1. Note, because you are allocating a certain dollar amount per your payment schedule, you may not be able to acquire an entire coin with every purchase.

What dollar amounts may I choose?

  1. You can accumulate precious metals in any increment of $100 or more. The initial investment must be at least $100.

 What type of precious metals can I acquire?

  1. You may invest gold, silver or platinum.
  2. Your Account Executive can explain the different precious metals available for the program.

What are the costs of the Accumulation Program?

1. There are simply no additional fees for the program. The total cost of your purchase is for the precious metals you choose to buy in increments. Your  payments will go towards the specific items you’ve chosen to purchase. It’s that simple!

 When do I receive delivery of my metals purchased?

  1. After you have paid for a full coin(s) or bar(s) (via check, credit card, debit card or wire) your precious metals will be shipped to you, unless other arrangements are made with your Account Representative prior to full payment.
  2. Shipping is free!
  3. Note:  You may not take delivery until you have purchased an entire deliverable product (fully paid coin(s) or bar(s)),  Because you are paying a certain amount per your chosen schedule, you may not be able to accumulate an entire precious metals product with every purchase. Your fractional purchases will accumulate and when you have purchased a complete precious metals product you may take delivery.


Endeavor Metals Group wants to give our clients an automated, affordable, flexible and convenient way to buy precious metals. Our superior level of customer service, convenient options, competitive pricing, and exclusive products will make you happy you’ve chosen to work with a leading company that believes in always meeting our customer’s needs in today’s market.